About haley and tony


Wow, so unexpected, we weren't expecting to have to have a speech ready. Well actually we were, since we designed the website. Our names are Haley and Tony Fritz, and we decided to take our love for grilled cheese and bring them to the streets.

Both Haley, and Tony are alumni of the University of North Dakota, majoring in social media, and computer science, respectively. We both have an unhealthy love for grilled cheese, so we decided to move in a different direction and go for what we love to do, cook. So after we got married (Aug 2013), we decided to follow this passion, and boom (!) O'Cheeze was born!

Check out Facebooktwitter, instagram this site to see where we are right now! Hope to see you soon!



Yup, you heard that right. It's not just a grilled cheese with gourmet cheeses on it. It's an experience, an adventure if you would. We strive to come up with unique and creative concepts of sandwiches, that include cheese. Take a look at our menu tab to get more information, as our menu changes weekly!